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BNI Merseyside Team

BNI Merseyside is celebrating our biggest ever year of thank you for closed business which currently stands at...

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is in the team" Phil Jackson. At BNI Merseyside we truly believe this and our Directors and Director Consultants work hand in hand with the Ambassadors and chapter leadership teams to support and help every member get the most of their membership to BNI Merseyside.  

Meet The BNI Merseyside Director & Director Consultant Team

Terry Hamill Executive Director - Owner of BNI Merseyside –
Strategy and planning for the region
A HEAD FOR SUCCESS FOR an award-winning businessman and inspiration to thousands, Terry Hamill did not have an auspicious start in life - he left school with a swimming certificate?
Kath Parkes Executive Director
07748 128 612
Implementation of the strategic plan for Merseyside. Working with and supporting the team and planning for the growth of the region. Handling all operational functions locally.




BNI connect and processing of payments

Jacky Hamill BNI Administration 0141 842 1934
Highly organised, love nothing more than a spreadsheet or database and an avid St Mirren fan.

Director Consultant

Working on launching and supporting chapters and supporting the delivery of training workshops

John Byrne Director Consultant 07501 021221
Dave Duffy Director Consultant
07415 783 722
Paul Furlong Director Consultant 07914 311007
Andy Gorman Director Consultant
07882 208 998
Dave Verburg Director Consultant 07921 576694
Haydn Preece Director Consultant07976 555782 

Launch Directors

To work closely to grow new Chapters across the Region

Alex Launch Director  0000000 email address
Mark Waldron Launch Director 07852 970 718
Mark Rea Launch Director 07841 339154
Shelley Douglas Launch Director 07412 255864
Leon McCowan Launch Director 07973 823 985
Elaine Courtney Launch Director 07432 292 579


To work across the region and be recognised as an expert in one of the key areas of success within BNI

Frank Rogers Ambassadors 07557 111467
Rosie Diver Ambassadors 07747 614434
Verity Allen Ambassadors 07961 121254
Helen Roberts Ambassadors 07800 820264
Helen Klepper Ambassadors 07412 495121
Mark Jones Ambassadors 07754 534886
Paul Williams Ambassadors 07905 500228
Lin Hankinson Ambassador
07834 784358
Phil Broeders Ambassadors 07868 308793
Mike Holmes Ambassador 07713 114594