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Best Of The Best From Around The World

Terry Hamill BNI Executive Director of Merseyside, Portugal and Brazil, delivered a superb business networking seminar at the Ramada Plaza on Thursday evening. The theme of the event was Best of the Best from around the world where Terry shared best practices and experiences he has encountered in his time within BNI.  

Terry Hamill was presented with framed Southport Football Club shorts, sponsored by the Formby Links Chapter, the largest BNI Chapter on Merseyside.

Southport Football Club's Commercial and Community Director Haydn Preece said "Membership of BNI has enhanced Southport Football Club's business networking considerably and has had a major, positive impact. BNI is a central focus of the club's commercial activities."

A BNI member at the Midas Chapter asks “Does BNI really have a supportive global reach?”

Well in fact it’s not really the member, but the member’s daughter.  Sophie Jones aged 16 asked her dad Mark Jones what BNI does for his business.  On telling her, she asked would they help support the Zoe’s Place challenge he was doing.  Not knowing the answer his daughter set off to find out and the challenge is now up on the website news page.  Several chapter members around the globe have already got involved. 

Can Merseyside members take the lead?

Here is the link to make a donation:-