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Photo of the Gold Club 2015 Qualifiers

BNI Merseyside Gold Club 

We often hear the term visitors are the lifeblood of BNI Merseyside at every level. However we must remember that visitors are more than just potential members. Visitors bring a whole new sphere of contacts, introductions and of course referrals to the BNI Merseyside chapter. Visitors ensure the dynamics of our BNI chapter meetings are constantly changing, so no two BNI meetings are ever the same.

BNI Merseyside members who consistently bring quality visitors to your BNI chapter are extremely valuable members indeed. With this in mind we at BNI Merseyside want to recognise our members who contribute, which is why we set up the BNI Merseyside Gold Club.

BNI Merseyside Gold Club recognises those BNI members who go out of their way to help their own and other chapters by introducing 6+ visitors who subsequently become new BNI Merseyside members.  Their efforts are formally acknowledged at their BNI Chapter, regionally and also at a national level.  They are rewarded with the prestigious black name badge instead of the normal grey one and they enjoy heightened exposure on the national website.

An annual lunch is hosted to award the qualifying members and for the next 12 months they will enjoy access to all BNI Merseyside training workshops Free of Charge.

Gold Club status remains in place permanently along with the focus on the website but to enjoy the annual benefits of the lunch and Free training, each member must introduce a further 6 visitors who subsequently join. 

There are currently 35 active members within BNI Merseyside who have qualified for this prestigious status and are recognised below

Meet The BNI Merseyside Gold Club Members

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Andrea Mappouridis MercuryView Profile
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