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2020 Vision

By 2020 BNI Merseyside will represent almost 1000 local businesses. Our aim is to help their groups succeed in generating over £1m of invoiced business from referrals. We will be the number one region across Europe with the main focus of our members making more money from referrals. Our aim is to help the members create a better business through the skills and support from BNI. We will have one of the finest teams with people who follow the 'Givers Gain' philosophy. It must be in their blood to work with us as our members are everything to this organisation.


We DO BNI because it gives us the ability for our own companies to have visibility and in turn allow us to earn visibility as business leaders in our field. We DO BNI because it gives us all a sense of satisfaction when our members win business, gain confidence and grow their organisation. We DO BNI because it's a perfect place to practice the art of helping others and in return we win too.


How will we make this Vision Happen? We are currently one of the top regions in the world. Winning many awards for the best performance for our members. Last year we generated over £23m on Merseyside. We will achieve this 2020 vision by having the right people with us along the journey. We are looking for a quality team to work with us. We cannot do this alone - the team creates it's own Mastermind of success. We will be introducing the worlds finest Referral Marketing Coaching and Masterminding  - THE REFERRAL INSTITUTE will be launched in the 2nd quarter of 2015. This company gives us the leading edge in TRUE Referral Marketing.


Below you will see our team - we know when you attract quality we produce great results for all. We are looking for more driven business people to join the team. Do you feel you can contribute to this Vision?

To become a BNI Member and be with us on this Vision please visit one of our groups - you are welcome.




Our team below are currently working with successful BNI Groups.

(Click on the individual images to connect to them)

Terry Hamill Executive Director & Founder of BNI Merseyside

John Porter - Managing Area Director

Kath Parkes - Managing Area Director

Geoff Jones - Area Director Consultant

Andy Davis - Director Consultant

Kaan Rassad - Director Consultant

John Byrne - Director Consultant

Joanne Finnerty - Launch Ambassador

Troy Midwood - Launch Ambassador

Diane Cannon - Launch Ambassador

Les Perry - Launch Ambassador

Paddy Mulligan - Launch Ambassador

Paul Furlong - Launch Ambassador

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